River Water Quality Monitoring

Continuous, in situ monitoring of freshwater (rivers, streams, lakes). At a fraction of the cost of manual sampling and periodic laboratory testing. Real-time data from everywhere, however remote, for live insights.

Parameters Measured

Basic chemical parameters are measured periodically to indicate water quality. pH Temperature Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen Nitrates Custom devices can include other physical and chemical parameters.

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Measuring Device

The measuring device consists of measurement probes, internal battery, and a control and data communications unit. Typically, the device is installed to float on water.

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Data Transport

Periodic data from the measuring device is transported wirelessly to provide remote, real-time communication. Typically, EnLive will provide appropriate network connectivity for transporting the data.

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Data Presentation

Measured data is sent in real-time to cloud services for processing, storage, and visualisation. Typically, EnLive provides cloud (Internet) services as a complete insights solution.

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Low Cost

To make it economically feasible to measure 100% of the rivers, streams and lakes (our vision), the cost of the service is kept very low.

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New Opportunities

Measuring water quality periodically, continuously, and in situ provides many new opportunities that are not possible with the current methods. Low cost is the key.

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River Monitoring Concept

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